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What is on the GMAT?


The GMAT (the Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standarized admission test that is required by business schools throughout the world. It serves as an assessment of the MBA applicant’s ability to succeed in an MBA program. The test measures quantitative, verbal (Critical Reading, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction), and analytical writing skills of MBA applicants.


The GMAT is delivered in English and does not distinguish between the native-speaking and international test-takers. Moreover, the exam is computer-based and uses CAT (Computer Adaptive Testing), which mean that the exam adapts the level of difficulty of test questions depending on your progress during the test.


How does an E.L.I preparation course work?


At E.L.I we offer Individual, Semi-individual, and Mini-Group Courses for the GMAT right in the center of Barcelona. Depending on your level of fluency we offer 15, 20, and 30 hour preparation courses.


The course is divided according to the sections of the test (Verbal, Quantitative, Analytical Writing, and Integrated Reasoning) with complete explanations of how each section works, realistic examples of all question types, and detailed advice on how to achieve maximum results. You will prepare with a mother-tongue teacher with a university degree who has years of experience teaching the GMAT.


We design a preparation program that matches your needs, strengths, and weaknesses. You will learn how to approach the exam confidently, and then apply these techniques to practice questions, inside and outside of class.


Deciding between an Individual or Mini-Group course


With an individual course you can prepare for the GMAT at times that fit your schedule. E.L.I is extremely flexible and will create a schedule that suits your needs and interests. Then, together with your teacher (a native speaker), a personalized study plan will be developed focused precisely on what you want and need.


Our mini-group courses have a maximum of 4 students in the class. At E.L.I we do not believe in large group courses for standarized exams. With small group courses we can ensure that learning still occurs and tailor to the needs of the students in the course.


Analytical writing assignment

This section requires the writing of an essay that evaluates the reasonableness of the assumptions and conclusions that the essay offers.

Number of tasks: 1

Time Limit: 30 minutes

Score: 0 - 6

comprension auditiva

Integrated reasoning

This section tests the ability to assess information and data coming from different sources, such as charts, tables, emails, etc.

Number of questions: 12

Time Limit: 30 minutes

Score: 0 - 8

comprension oral

Verbal section

This section of the test assesses logical thinking, critical understanding of a text and correct grammatical understanding of the English language.

The questions are divided into 3 sections: Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction.

Number of questions: 41

Time Limit: 75 minutes

Score: 200-800*


Quantitative section

This section is devoted to the assessment of logical reasoning and mathematics skills.
The questions are divided into 2 sections: Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency and tests math topics such as Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics & Probability

Number of questions: 37

Time Limit: 75 minutes

Score: 200 to 800*

* Cumulative score for the quantitative and verbal section

Our Courses

Individual Courses

Personalized schedule

One-to-one sessions

Proven Methodology

Native Professor

Semi Indvidual Courses

Small Groups

Engaging and fun

Proven Methodology

Native Professor

Mini-Group Courses

Small Groups

Engaging and fun

Proven Methodology

Native Professor

¿Why E.L.I.?

Native Teachers

You will be assisted by a North American teacher specialized in this type of preparations.

Proven Methodology

During the course you will receive exam simulations that your teacher will correct so you know what your current score is and learn to take the exam.

Group Courses

Our group courses do not exceed 5 people, this ensures a better attention to the student.  The group courses start at the beginning and the middle of each month and the schedules are in the afternoon, usually from 19:00 – 21:00.

Personalised System

We utilize a coaching system. We also offer college counseling to our students.







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