Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)


The SAT (scholastic Aptitude Test) is the exam that all universities in the U.S.A. require for admission. In addition, some international universities also accept the SAT for an admission requirement. The test is designed to help university admission officers predict the student’s chances of succeeding academically at their universities.


A good score on the SAT is often difficult for native speakers and is particularly difficult for non-native speakers. To score well on the SAT you need to have an advanced level of English vocabulary, strong math skills, a good level of writing essays, and finally a high level of English grammar. E.L.I recognizes and knows all the skills necessary to acquire in order to achieve high scores on all sections of the SAT (Evidence based reading and writing and math).


Preparation Courses


You will be coached by native speakers who have taken the SAT and received excellent scores. With our experience and methods, E.L.I creates a personalized plan to work upon improving both your strengths and weaknesses and help you achieve an optimal score on the SAT.
E.L.I offers preparation courses for the SAT in small groups and private lessons. We prepare our student’s thoroughly and efficiently. For more details contact us.



Number of questions: 52

Time Limit: 65 minutes

Score: 200 to 800 points


Writing / Language

Number of questions: 44

Time Limit: 35 minutes

Score: 200 to 800 points



Number of questions: 58

Time Limit: 80 minutes

Score: 200 to 800 points


Essay (optional)

Number of tasks: 1

Time Limit: 50 minutes

Score: 2-8

on each of three dimensions scores for the essay

Our Courses

Individual Courses

Personalized schedule

One-to-one sessions

Proven Methodology

Native Professor

Semi Indvidual Courses

Small Groups

Engaging and fun

Proven Methodology

Native Professor

Mini-Group Courses

Small Groups

Engaging and fun

Proven Methodology

Native Professor

¿Why E.L.I.?

Native teachers

You will be assisted by a North American teacher specialized in this type of preparations.

Proven Methodology

During the course you will receive exam simulations that your teacher will correct so you know what your current score is and learn to take the exam.

Group Courses

Our group courses do not exceed 5 people, this ensures a better attention to the student.  The group courses start at the beginning and the middle of each month and the schedules are in the afternoon, usually from 19:00 – 21:00.

Personalised System

We utilize a coaching system. We also offer college counseling to our students.







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