I attended an intensive mini-group course at ELI and I achieved exactly the mark I needed for my application to UPenn. The course was always enjoyable, and with only 3 other people in the group we could spend more time correcting everyone's mistakes. I recommend it to everyone.


I was on a hurry to do the exam and I had very scarce time to prepare it, so I took some classes with Sarah and she helped me a lot to understand the different parts of the TOEFL exam and with high efficiency she gave me the right directions in order to do a good exam... Few classes, efficient program, practical lessons... GREAT!


Creo que he tenido la gran suerte de tener uno de los mejores profesores que me ha preparado para el SAT ha hecho que las clases sean divertidas y que se aprenda mucho dar las gracias a mi profesor, os lo recomiendo a todos.


I went to ELI because I needed to take the TOEFL test in order to start applying for my master. My professor, Lindsay, helped me to overcome my weak points and at the same time, helped me improve my skills. Overall I'm really happy I took the TOEFL preparation class at ELI and I would stronlgy recommend it to everyone!!


I've prepared the TOEFL in ELI because I already prepared the SAT with Jaclyn and the results were very good. This time the results have been great too, though at first I was worried for my speaking and writing. However, I reached my goal thanks to Jaclyn again, an excellent teacher and person who gave me the confidence, security and a lot of tips. I'm really grateful for her dedication and support. Thank you for all, Mariona.


Lo mejor que pude hacer fue contactar con ELI y tener a Jaclyn como profesora. Ella me dio recursos, confianza y motivación para conseguir mi objetivo. Teníamos tres escasas semanas antes del SAT exam y la verdad es que trabajamos duro, me dio mucho material y deberes para prepararme, lo que hizo que no perdiera el tiempo ni un segundo. A parte de que Jaclyn es una professional, des del primer momento te entiende y se involucra en todo el proceso por lo que le estaré siempre muy agradecida. Muchas gracias!!!

Helena A.S.

I wanted to go to Copenhagen to study for a semester next year but I needed to score 91 in the TOEFL exam (something that at the beginning sounded so unreachable). Thanks to Jaclyn, her experience, and her tips, I've taken the TOEFL in December and I've scored 110!!! I'm so happy and I really recommend to take classes with her! I've improved so much in one month and a half since I've been able to focus on my weaknesses as well as to improve my writing and speaking skills. In conclusion, if you are reading this because you need preparation for the TOEFL exam, don't hesitate, just take your phone and call this school so you can achieve your goal!! Jaclyn is such a nice person and excellent teacher 😉


Jaclyn is an excellent teacher, she has helped me a lot on my SAT exam. With only three intensive classes I improved a lot and I achieved the mark I needed. Jaclyn always has prepared material so you don't lose time. She's also very nice so the classes are very comfortable. I really recommend this school to everyone!


I recently took a SAT preparation course at ELI. I needed to obtain a score of at least 1800 (out of 2400) in order to study at my first choice university in the USA. I had taken other SAT courses in a group setting, but wasn't getting the results I needed. However, at this school I really benefited from the one-to-one coaching environment. I learned many useful tips and strategies that I was able to use on the exam. My professor gave me a lot of work and was always helpful, positive, and motivating. Without ELI I wouldn't have scored an overall of 2150 on my SAT exam. I highly recommend this place and their professors.


I had short time to take the Toefl test. The professor gave me a method and specific suggestions and these helped me to obtain my score and to apply to a University in the USA. With patience and a lot of material, she was very professional. thanks!!

Héctor M.

He realizado un curso de TOEFL con ELI y mi puntación ha mejorado en 22 puntos. 15 horas muy bien aprovechadas porque lo que he aprendido no lo hubiese conseguido sin los métodos que tienen. Agradecimientos a la profesora Jaclyn y un saludo.


I obtained my TOEFL certificate last February after an intensive course of one month with Jaclyn. When I started the course I was so worried because I had only one chance to get at least 80 for enrollment in the PhD program at the Australian National University. At the end I got a score of 94 thanks to the preparation as well as the continued support from my teacher. Therefore I really recommend this course as it is adapted to your needs with plenty willingness. Good luck to everyone.

Giulia M.

I took the TOEFL test last April because I'm going to move to London next September and I needed this exam to continue my university path. I decided to take lessons for two months to improve my English and to get a high score that I needed to be admitted into a master program. I feel very lucky to have met my teacher Jaclyn and with her patience, her support and most of all her preparation teached me how to face the exam with great determination. I needed 90 to be admitted and I scored 98. For these reasons I strongly recommend this course.

Elisabetta B.

I found this school very professional and trustworthy. The teachers' aim are preparing you in the best way possible, providing all the material and the support you need. Two years ago I took the TOEFL test obtaining 84 as a result of studying by myself, but after taking private lessons with an ELI teacher, I took a 104, I have increased my score of 20 points, great! And now I can apply for my master's (in english language) I want to attend. I really recommend this school to everyone!

Clara T.

I started working with a tutor after I had already taken the SAT. My scores at the time were good but I really benefitted from private tutoring. In a one on one environment I was able to focus on my specific weaknesses, ask questions that the textbooks had not answered and most of all gain tips on how to make questions easier! With the help of these lessons my score improved by more than 100 points, which gave me the extra push that I needed to get into my dream Ivy League school!


I have taken the TOEFL test in December, after two months of study with a helpful teacher that has given to me some good tips that have been very important to me to pass the test with a good score. At the beginning my english was basic, and I needed a huge score (100) to be admitted into a Master program. I have scored 109 and finally I am preparing to leave my country and fly away to start my Master! I would recommend to anyone to attend this school, not only for the competence and expertise of the teachers, but also because of their personal support, that reassure and simplify the approach to the test.

Giacomo G.

I booked the 20 hour individual course at ELI with a goal to reach a 73. After taking a course at ELI I took the TOEFL ibt test and the result I achieved was to me nothing short of remarkable: 94. This course is recommended to those who truly want to commit, the tasks (they go over all the facts thouroughly) are not few and the effort required is certainly not small. Having said that, however, you can rely on the excellent organization, experience, and skills of the teachers. I thank my teacher Jaclyn for making this course a success for me and for not ever having to dread a class. In fact, it was a pleasure to go here! I advise ELI 100%!

Davide G.

I took the preparation for the toefl test a couple of months ago. I started from a very basic level of english and my teacher has taught me a lot of things. She was very patient and available for every sort of question.I attended the toefl test and at the end I scored 95, starting from a very low level. In conclusion I reccomend strongly to take lessons with these teachers because they can be very useful for every level of English.

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